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Sis Strider

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Name:Sis Strider
You are Sis Strider- your real name is COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT because everyone winds up calling you Sis anyway. You are a master of the NINJA ARTS, PUPPETRY and LAYING DOWN SICK BEATS, and you run your fair share of WEBSITES of the ADULT PERSUASION. You should be in LOWAS, facing down some jackass with a God complex, but instead you're here in this mundane's 'headspace' while she tries to be y

Actually no, you stare at her over your shades through the FOURTH WALL as she shamelessly steals this intro off one amazing sister. Sorry, girl, just 'cause she drew you don't give her the right.

Okay this narration is already getting lame on a multitude of unironic levels. You hand it over and abscond. Laters.

. . .

==> Be the mun.
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